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Jiří Sláma, photographer, whose hoby turned into a mission

Dear visitors,

I believe you are not on my site by accident, but on the search of capable photographer with artistic leanings who can meet your expectations of great pictures.

It is known in common that the worst lunatics are the one whose hobby turned into work and mission. My tolerant wife Šárka have not an easy life with me – it is not a problem for me to create and work 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is necessary to lock my cameras in the safes to leave for vacation.

So take a look at some pictures (by using the hyperlinks on the left) – I believe that you will find out that I meet your expectations for a good photos.

AWH service -- cancelled!

We no longer operate as collection point for the AWH service company. Accepted brands: Canon (post-warranty repairs), Fujifilm, Sigma, Metz, Samsung.

Photo shop

We offer all brands of photographic equipment in our shop. We have the widest selection of wedding albums and accessories from all the photo industry. We provide a complete consultancy for our customers – free of charge.